Testflight tutorial - using testflight in xcode

Testflight tutorial - Using TestFlight! (Xcode) // In this Testflight tutorial you will learn you will learn how to test with testflight in itunes connect and how you should be using the testflight app. Also, if you’re new here you will find that itunes connect has been renamed: testflight tutorial in app store connect.

So let’s dive into this TestFlight Tutorial in App Store Connect. Testing with testflight in app store connect used to be hard, but now Apple made it super simple to share your app beta for beta testers. In this ios testflight tutorial I’ll show you some tips on how to test your app with testflight with Xcode.

This is also an xcode tutorial but the main focus is on using testflight most specifically using the ios testflight app. So in this ios testflight step by step tutorial you can learn to code in swift but most importantly testflight your ios app in app store connect.

All you have to do is watch my new video and then CLICK the link to  download the resources: https://store.rebeloper.com/youtube-channel-resources