Missing Info.plist File Issue Solved in 3 Steps [2019 Version]

Did this happen to you too? Got the error: Info.plist file not found or missing plist Xcode. And you just can't run app due to .plist file missing but it’s present.

Today I am going to show you how to fix the missing Info.plist file problem. 

(Step by Step)

In fact, I recently used these exact steps in my YouTube tutorial. Here’s a quick way to fix the issue at hand.

After these 3 easy steps you will be able to finally run your project without problems. And on top of that it only takes 15 seconds.

Let’s learn how to fix the missing Info.plist file issue.

The problem is : The file “Info.plist” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.

Let’s dive right into the details…

Step #1: What is this missing Info.plist file problem?

It can happen to anyone of us. You have moved the Info.plist file and Xcode is complaining that the file does not exist or Xcode could not read data.

Let’s open up Xcode create a new project.


It will be a Single View Application.


Product Name, it's Missing and I will just put it onto the desktop.

Here we have our Info.plist file.


Also you can see it in the Finder.

Step #2: Show the problem

Now let's say we want to arrange these files. I will just create a New Group in Xcode and I will just call it Setup. Here it is in Finder. I will just select all of these files and drag them into the Setup. And let's see what happens! As you can see they are all inside our Setup


Now we have a warning.


Let's just Build and Run first and let’s see what happens. 


The Build has failed. 

Could not read data the Info.plist file. Could not be opened because there is no such file. 

But we already know that there is such a file. The problem is that we have moved it.

Step #3: Solve the problem


What we need to do is go to your project and select your Target and then  select Choose Info.plist file.


As you can see it is inside our Setup so I will choose that. Okay!

Go select Capabilities and go back again to General and it will be found again. Okay!


Once we Build again the Build succeeds. 

That is how you can fix the missing Info.plist file.

What’s next?

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Now I’d Like To Hear From You

Did this happen to you only? 

Or do you know one of your dev friends who encountered this problem?

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