About Us



I am a senior iOS developer with more than 8 years of experience in building scalable, high quality iOS apps.

The apps that I have built range from Fitness Apps to Video Sharing Social Media Apps, from Photo Viewing Apps to Weather Based Fashion Apps.

I'm experienced in: SwiftUI, Combine, Reactive Programming, UIKit, Firebase, Stripe, Swift 5. I am a developer since 2011 when Objective-C was still a thing.

I like to build out projects from scratch in code. It's important to me to create meaningful apps that impact the life of users in a positive way.



I am responsible for creating, optimizing, and maintaining Rebeloper’s traffic system with the goals of customer acquisition and revenue. Also maintaining our social presence. I have started our own YouTube Channel that has 34K+ views.

As an iOS developer I feel that it is my obligation to inspire, encourage women around the world to start to learn to code. We need more women in tech!

I believe that:
- coding is the new writing
- digital marketing should be taught universally
- social media makes your voice heard

I also help out as a junior dev, and thus have more time for my passion: sharing the love of coding with women.



I am the frontend developer at Rebeloper. I mainly use SwiftUI and Combine, but I am knowledgable in UIKit too.

Laying out Views, state management, object binding, brainstorming for new app ideas and crushing hard to find bugs - part of the daily hustle!

I have dived deep into SwiftUI the first day it has been released and quickly fell in love with it. And now I’m a the front end developer at Rebeloper designing UX and UI for our clients.

My expertise is: SwiftUI, Combine, Swift5.

In my spare time I’m taking long walks throughout the hills and forests with my two malamute dogs.